Grand prospect hall

The historic banquet hall and event space promised to "make your dreams come true," but community activism has failed to halt its redevelopment.
"Because of alterations to the exterior and interior of the building, it does not have sufficient historic integrity for consideration as a landmark."
They must also "take all appropriate precautions to preserve the facade and to not further damage the facade or character of the building" until later this month.
"One wonders if it’s really worth it. The value of the place to the community is as a gathering place and container of memories, and that seems to be gone."
"Losing a venue like this is a deep wound in the psyche of Brooklyn. This is a redwood for NYC."
Someone's dreams came true!
The intimate show was in celebration of their new album, Everything Now.
How shocking.
"It's a really wonderful place to be."
The large space is beautifully decorated with trees, trellises, flours, ferns and even a cheeky garden gnome.
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