Grand larceny

A stone from the Shrine of St. Michael the Archangel was in the man's backpack.
The video of the incident was posted on social media.
The victim discovered his wallet, jewelry, and vest were gone when he woke up.
Sorokin allegedly scammed people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and was ordered to pay a hefty fine and restitution.
Her lawyer insisted she was just making her own opportunities.
Video shows the man briefly evading arrest by firing a Taser at officers.
Pro tip: do not leave valuable items, or anything you do not want stolen, unattended on the sidewalk.
ICE will wait for either a prison sentence or after an acquittal.
Before her downfall and arrest, Sorokin had enjoyed a glamorous life, attending fancy parties, living in boutique NYC hotels, taking lavish international trips, and sticking to a beauty regimen that included "$800 highlights" and "$400 eyelash extensions."
In the cutthroat world of NYC real estate, would-be renters are advised to act fast, but this pressure can make desperate tenants vulnerable to predatory scammers.
Never believe anything.
They've also taken Tag Heuer and Audemars Piaget watches.
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