Grand central oyster bar

The restaurant had reopening briefly last year for just nine days.
The iconic restaurant hopes to reopen, but currently isn't seeing enough business to keep doors open.
It might be worth $2,000-4,000.
The new catch Holland herring are back! Let's pull a Louie and eat some fishies.
The restaurant underwent an almost three month renovation that included restoration of its iconic arch-tile ceilings.
The Brooklyn outpost of century-old Midtown institution opens on Wednesday, serving plenty of raw bivalves, savory pan roasts and classic clam shack fare.
This week's packed with a few delectable food events to keep you going until the Work Overlords set you free again.
The market will sell fresh, in season seafood plus clams, mussels, fresh fish and lobster.
Slippery, slimy and oh-so-delicious.
The new space will likely open sometime in the fall.
The annual herring hurrah officially begins June 5th.
Do you enjoy slurping down small, fishy European things possibly served with a touch of cream sauce? This is so your month.
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