Graffiti research lab

Following yesterday's news of Graffiti Research Lab founder James Powderly being detained
As if the Graffiti Research Lab hadn't blurred the line between
Paul McDonough, New York City 1968-1972 is the current exhibit at
The New York Times profiles James Powderly and Evan Roth today.
We were traveling the day The Graffiti Research Lab's new show,
Eyebeam's 2007 exhibition season commences tonight. The 10th Anniversary year begins with
First things first: According to WNBC, the NYPD says that NYC
There seem to be a lot of LVHRD events lately! Tonight
Last week Eyebeam's Graffiti Research Lab put on a great event
If you're in the West Village or Chelsea today, swing by
Those crazy cats at Chelsea's never stop. They've been noodling
The evil geniuses at the Eyebeam Graffiti Research Lab are at
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