RAMBO was a "very enthusiastic bomber with an unusual hand style [who] dominated northern Brooklyn and downtown over the last fifteen years."
"It’s obvious that the police resources are being misappropriated. There’s one guy up there. There’s one way up and one way down. It's absurd."
Betty Boop, comically oversized mushrooms, leprechaun outerwear, flames and more turned up on subway cars recently.
The paintings are reportedly worth $18,000.
'It's very unusual to see a train leave the yards with a top-to-bottom, end-to-end burner.'
A D train was spotted coated in bats, flames and Dracula himself on Halloween night.
Henry Chalfant would rush to the elevated stations in the Bronx to document tagged cars before they could be buffed clean, and now those photos are on display.
The vandals scrawled 'heil Hitler' and 'gas chamber' all over the walls of a club building.
Here's a look at the giant graffiti show opening in Brooklyn this weekend.
An interview with the guy who puts up flowers around NYC.
Leave The Weimaraners Alone.
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