Part of the reason for the increase was the state relaxing graduation requirements because Regents exams were canceled last year.
"I feel like I'm growing up and graduating."
Tonight, an estimated 900 undocumented students will celebrate their graduation from CUNY in a dedicated ceremony.
Jon Bon Jovi brought his C- game to his Rutgers University commencement speech in Camden.
NYU students are moving out of their dorms this week, and while all in the city will mourn their loss, we will always remember them from the PILES of trash they leave behind.
But one NY Times commenter points out, "Is English literature necessary? I never ran into Moby Dick during my career."
After a SI senior with a 90 GPA was barred from graduation for forging a permission slip, her peers are planning a protest.
A group of seniors at East Rockaway High School have been disinvited to their graduation after getting into an annual epic water ballon fight off of school property.
Those rising graduation rates aren't looking too hot right now. A
A sad story got a happy ending yesterday as homeless high
In 2004 Lady Gaga (then better known as Stefani Germanotta) graduated
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