Grading de blasio

Since the rezoning in 2016, just 100 subsidized units have opened their doors to tenants.
As part of our ongoing Grading de Blasio series, WNYC/Gothamist asked a panel of local health experts to look at how the mayor managed the calamity and what he leaves behind as New York City preps for future surges.
His second-term promise generally fell into three big buckets around electoral democracy, the 2020 census, and civic engagement. The results were decidedly mixed.
De Blasio achieved success toward making New York City carbon neutral by 2050, but his administration struggled to break ground on its storm surge and sea level rise infrastructure projects.
WNYC/Gothamist fanned across the city for thoughts on de Blasio's successes and failures.
The allegations will likely be raised against him should he choose to seek a run for governor, something he has hinted at but has not formally announced.
“Depending on what your expectations are, you’re going to be pleased or you’re going to be disappointed.”
The trend marks a reversal of four decades of growing or flat income inequality in the city.
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