Gracie mansion

"First we need to win, then we’ll decide what the proper address will be," Adams told Brian Lehrer on Monday. Curtis Sliwa told us he would move into Gracie Mansion, and turn it into an animal sanctuary.
The answer is optics and, once, a marital implosion.
Homeless shelter residents and advocates argued that the mayor's decision will scatter New Yorkers across three boroughs.
The city announced a crackdown plan on fireworks suppliers on Tuesday.
Gracie Mansion is once again getting turned in GraSCREAM MANSON and you can check it out if you win tickets.
A whale decided to visit the city on New Year's, and was spotted swimming in the East River right by Gracie Mansion. Does anyone know if that's good luck or bad luck?
The ticket giveaway begins today at noon.
"They got down on their knees in the middle of the street, and kept chanting for the mayor to come out."
Gothamist got a peek inside 216-year-old mansion's fancy Federal-style ballrooms and parlors, in addition to the 18th and 19th-century artworks that are now on display.
Trick or Treat, Hizzoner!
The shooter may have been aiming from the condo across the street.
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