Everything is fine.
Police were able to track the suspect down quickly yesterday because he stole a decoy pill bottle equipped with a GPS device.
The machine does not always know, guys.
That paranoia you feel after purloining a few bottles of Oxycontin may be soon be legitimate.
It's pleasing to the eye, but like a lot of superficial beauty, a dark void lurks beneath.
The Bloomberg administration has spent millions of dollars installing custom-designed GPS tracking units in fire and sanitation trucks over the past several years, but the system is rife with malfunctions, and allegedly unnecessary.
The Domestic Violence GPS Initiative will start outfitting serial abusers with GPS units that will text their victims when they get close—and the abusers will have to foot the bill.
An appeals court has ruled that GPS devices in family vehicles do not constitute a violation of privacy.
Yesterday, a Jersey man trusted his GPS over his gut...and drove straight into a house.
Having trouble getting to the forbidden donut shop? Homer Simpson can
An example of the data an iPhone keeps on your whereabouts.
The view from the 5th and 2nd worst cities for commuting,
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