Gowanus canal

The rezoning is the first to mandate affordable housing in a wealthy, predominantly white neighborhood.
The EPA said the “mishap” is being investigated.
After more than a century of toxic pollution, Brooklyn’s infamous Gowanus Canal is finally being cleaned up.
He almost jumped into the Gowanus Canal to escape police.
Some 50 of us descended upon it after dark, sneaking onto the property for a beach party on a cool summer Friday.
The man's mouth was apparently found with duct tape on it.
In a huge triumph for the environment, there were ten whole days this past summer where the Gowanus Canal didn't have so much poop in it that swimming was unsafe.
The thunderstorm that dropped heavy rain throughout the city earlier this morning will be returning with a vengeance this afternoon.
"I think it's interesting that they're noticing that the hip factor of Brooklyn is south of Atlantic Avenue," the designer said. "I think it's great for Brooklyn."
Nevertheless, the owners remain 'cautiously optimistic' that the city will relocate the studio elsewhere.
"He swam around a little, like on his back, then dog-paddle style."
Eastern Effects, home of 'The Americans,' is in danger of being closed to become a temporary staging site for Gowanus Canal sewage overflow tanks.
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