Super Secret Arts charges monthly subscriptions for “all-you-can-see” theater, which could help make sure performers get paid.
The rezoning is the first to mandate affordable housing in a wealthy, predominantly white neighborhood.
Nidhi Jalan's new spot is operating out of Michael and Ping's through September.
The Gowanus rezoning, if approved, would see 8,200 housing units by 2035.
"There is nothing that demands that the Gowanus rezoning go through ULURP right now during the midst of the pandemic and a time of economic crisis."
"It would not be acceptable to build new affordable housing while leaving existing affordable housing units in dilapidated conditions."
A 9-mm handgun was recovered from the scene, police said.
The crash happened on Sunday night.
In and around waterfront areas, where residential development is flourishing, new construction is confronting a bitter environmental reality: that more buildings exacerbate street flooding.
Just invest in rain boots, goggles, and typhus shots.
Who's the dummy NOW?
According to the NYPD, the unnamed victim was approached by a man who said "hello" and then stabbed her in the hand around 9:30 p.m.
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