Governor christie

Gov. Chris Christie's very bad, terrible, no good year continued its downward descent today.
The last trains will leave their point of origin at 8pm so they can end service at 10pm.
The mayors of Jersey City and Hoboken are not happy.
The nurse's attorneys say, 'Her life is in the hands of Governor Christie.'
Cuomo says he's just clarifying the earlier quarantine protocol.
Christie's report characterized her as, well, a psycho-slut.
To Christie aides, apparently traffic jams are more effective than a cold shoulder.
We'll need more than GIF to forget about Bridgegate, Bully Man!
Christie still feels bad (that his people were caught?).
Many are confused by Kelly's actions, because she was very personable and classy.
Fort Lee residents were not that thrilled with more gridlock.
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