Government shutdown

Immigration courts are back open for business after the 35 day government shutdown, and lawyers are scrambling to figure out how clients whose hearings were canceled will be affected.
The Federal Aviation Administration is reportedly halting flights into LaGuardia Airport, due to staffing issues related to the ongoing government shutdown.
Now in its fifth week, the longest government shutdown in history may soon have a significant impact on how food banks, as well as the charities and food pantries they distribute to, can get food to families in need.
'The longer this goes on the more chances that something’s going to break. That’s what has us concerned.'
'Attorney visitation has been sporadic and often shut down or canceled which means that attorneys can't meet with their clients.'
A typical starting salary for a TSA employee is only about $17,000.
If it doesn't pass this afternoon, the state's functions could grind to a halt.
Those bullies in the Tea Party have ruined one band's Columbus Day tradition.
With just over an hour before the midnight deadline, Republicans and Democrats
The war on women's health continues: The country is on the
House Speaker John Boehner emerged from a closed-door budget meeting with President
When Governor Paterson called for a special Sunday session to discuss
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