The crash of the Department of Education's health screening website this week was a painful reminder of how the city's technology struggles to perform even basic functions.
It's notable that four of these agencies are involved in housing or construction. Perhaps these activities offer unusual opportunities for corrupt activity?
Just who are the 327,793 municipal employees that help our city run?
No "Hello, sailor!" this year.
It's the "largest tax cut in American history"—unless you make over $400,000.
"Fines have been increasing for so long it’s become de facto City policy," de Blasio said today.
A Prospect Heights man says that when he arrived for jury duty in Brooklyn he was forced to wait outside in 13 degree weather for a long time, even thought the lobby was open.
James Vacca, chair of the City Council Transportation Committee, says he will push through tough new safety rules for cyclists in the coming year and demand strict enforcement of the current laws.
"Can you imagine being put on a list because you're a threat? What's going to happen when they come to the media? What if the media becomes a threat?...It's incrementalism," Paul said.
If Mayor Bloomberg is paying higher taxes, then you should be paying higher taxes too.
The perjury trial of Cy Young Award- and World Series-winning pitcher Roger Clemens was declared a mistrial today, after prosecution entered evidence that the Judge had already declared inadmissible.
President Obama outlined his plan for deficit reduction today, calling for
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