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Gov. Cuomo announced an aggressive new anti-terrorism security plan that will greatly increase the amount of cops and National Guard members around NYC.
"I think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart."
Apparently Cuomo doesn't share Bloomberg's belief that medical marijuana is one of the greatest hoaxes of all time.
The Armory, which is owned by the state and was once used by the National Guard, has been vacant since 2011.
Cuomo declared a state of emergency for NY, the MTA may briefly suspend service later, but first let's hear some terrible jokes! "You've heard of 'Finding Nemo'," Cuomo said. "It seems that Nemo found us."
Just in case you haven't already entrenched yourself inside your panic room over this flu epidemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a Public Health Emergency today for all of NY State in response to the increasingly severe flu season.
"It would be catastrophically sad if they can't find a solution," said a board member. "They really ought to sit down in a room and look at each other. It can’t be solved with e-mails."
If it's any consolation Cuomo, at least you still have 18,000+ more followers than a certain bat-wielding Buffalo real estate millionaire and failed Gubernatorial candidate.
Espada was nowhere to be seen at a rally for Soundview yesterday, but his fingerprints are all over a new anti-"King Cuomo" attack ad Soundview released today.
"We should do whatever is possible to remove the roadblocks for distribution of medical marijuana," state Senator Diane Savino told us.
During Governor Cuomo's speech last night at the Association of Black
The third term hasn't always been smooth sailing for Mayor Bloomberg,
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