'It sort of seems like it's not so much the movie. It's sort of seems like it's more like Fandango and MoviePass are in a shoving match because they're competitors.'
The film's marketing department is going into overdrive to try to salvage something from the disaster.
'Gotti: Gabagool Lasagna Bang Bang!' will be released in theaters this Friday.
What happens when you combine every mafia movie cliche in history, a behind-the-scenes trainwreck of a production, and John Travolta's predilection for cartoonish wigs?
Victoria Gotti's son Carmine Agnello Jr. was busted in Queens for allegedly driving with a suspended license. Oops!
Also, Ben Foster isn't thug enough to play Junior Gotti.
More casting drama abounds from the John Gotti biopic, this time involving one very pissed off Joe Pesci.
John Gotti's former son-in-law, Carmine "The Bull" Agnello, has come a
Karen Gravano, future reality show star For too long, the Gotti
Hey, are you looking for some weed? Did your firefighter dealer fall
Juror 11 in the John Gotti, Jr. racketeering trial cannot stand
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