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This morning's low of 53 degrees was the coldest it has been since early June, and we may get a degree or two cooler than that tonight.

Hey all you rain fans, this nightmarish stretch of nine days with barely a cloud in the sky will come crashing to an end tonight.

Yet another perfect day of late-summer weather is on tap for this afternoon.

Well, this is the most fickle rainstorm we've seen in quite some time.

Manhattan by digiart2001 jason.kuffer on Flickr This has been a very

This satellite image from last night pretty much tells the whole weather story for the next few days.

It won't get hot today because of the cloud cover, but you can expect showers and thunderstorms, some with heavy rain and gusty winds and possibly small hail, this afternoon (if not sooner).

Did you notice how it was miserably humid this morning but much more tolerable this afternoon? Enjoy it while it lasts.