Gothamist collaboration

Candid Co, the direct-to-consumer invisible teeth aligner company with an answer to the ever-present smile conundrum. [sponsor]
Meet Amoni Brown, a self-titled "Jane-of-all-Trades" who gets things done in NYC. [sponsor]
A new commuter service wants to bridge all those unpleasant gaps between less-than-reliable public transportation options. [sponsor]
The concept of ripping past rapids on a whitewater raft to arrive at a city's downtown core—crazy, right? (Maybe not.)
The city's upcoming festival schedule promises to provide the best of both Canadian and international talent. [sponsor]
Enjoy a little inspiration for how to amp up those late nights, early mornings, and all the lingering dog days of summer. [sponsor]
A road-tripper's guide to New Hope, Pennsylvania, and Lambertville, New Jersey. [sponsor]
A stone's throw away from many northern states, the Canadian province of Ontario hosts some of the country's most exciting, Insta-worthy events. [sponsor]
From the coffee shop, to work, to that appointment on the other side of town, and all the way home again—city dwellers are in transition a lot. [sponsor]
Check out a successful experiment in the art of zzz's. [sponsor]
New York’s premiere network of walk-in clinics operates 70 locations across the NY Metro Area - go ahead and check out what they can do for you. [sponsor]
Spoiler alert: when folded, it's bigger than some dogs, but not all dogs. [sponsor]
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