Gotham city

The Dark Knight is still rising in Manhattan, here's the latest being leaked from the Manhattan set.
The Dark Knight has rolled in to town: check out some Gotham City police cruisers and yellow cabs.
Is Batman headed to Occupy Wall Street? Or will the 99% rail against Wayne Enterprises?
What fictional NYC do you like best? Obviously we're gonna have to go with Gotham.
DC Comics is taking Batgirl out of her wheelchair—and we wonder when she'll return to the big screen.
The Twitterverse has basically declared that New York City is indeed "Gotham."
Move over, previous three Batmans. After Christian Bale returns to his
Batman is clearly trying to throw everyone off. First his signal
via Google maps Not too long ago New York City was
A brand new full-length trailer for The Dark Knight hit the web
Even though New York City has around 98 monikers, did you know
Geez, the weather this winter has been uneventful. There's no letup of
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