Only one Republican candidate mentioned guns in their response to the attack.
Republicans are tailoring their entire campaign platform on an increase in major crime.
Republican leaders have been trying to convince Wilson to run for governor since 2010.
“What happened last night is very important in setting the tone for next year’s races for governor, congress, and the legislature."
Ciattarelli said, "You won't have to deal with it when I'm governor...We're not teaching gender ID and sexual orientation to kindergarteners."
Two of the three major Republican candidates for governor in the Garden State think Trump won the November election.
The effort by an independent expenditure committee to have more voters register with the Democratic Party ahead of the June primary has irked Republicans who see the push as a cheap way of luring more moderate voices to the party.
Video shared to Twitter this week shows City Council candidate Vickie Paladino strutting and shimmying to the Bee Gees, before joining more than a dozen people, several of them elderly, on a conga line.
"No one is required to attend this event and everyone who chooses on his or her own volition to attend understands the associated 'risks,'" the club's president says.
“If Trump doesn’t concede we’ll have to rewrite the history books because a lot of stuff is going to go down that’s never gone down before.”
State Assemblyman Brian Kolb is all about personal responsibility—right up until he drunkenly crashes his state-owned vehicle into the bottom of a ditch.
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