Google maps

A Google Maps spokesperson has confirmed that the company changed Trump Tower's name back to the original.
Notice anything weird about the photo to the left of the map?
Thanks, Google.
Google doesn't like to call the maps feature that, but that's what it is!
'It shows we have a sense of humor here in the South Bronx. They were probably the welcoming committee,' one man told the Daily News.
NYC... but with trees and stuff.
One Bensonhurst block has been named Drug Section in Google Maps, here's how that probably happened...
If it even IS a brownstone.
Irritating map gaffes aren't just an Apple thing.
This week, we learned that Google Maps had given in and embraced made-up neighborhood RAMBO. Now, it seems that everyone wants a piece of credit for this nonsense neighborhood.
The latest nonsense neighborhood to slip into Google Maps? RAMBO, or "Right Around The Manhattan Bridge Overpass."
These before and after satellite images of devastated areas are the heartbreaking visuals to come in Sandy's wake.
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