Goodbye GoogaMooga.
Good news! The grass will be ready for us in time for Christmas! Oh wait...
Once, Prospect Park's Nethermead was covered in grass. Now, there's mud.
Sword fighters and tipsy dancers united in Daft Punk under the trees to play their parts in a rollicking stereotype—everyone looked sheepish, if liberated.
The festival was billed as "rain or shine," which meant, in reality, "shine or shine."
We're hearing that vendors are simply giving away their tasty food and booze for the folks who braved the beginning of the day.
We came upon one of the mythical cyborgunicorns in the wilds of the Lexus-sponsored woods.
"Cell phone service: Still spotty, but not hopeless."
Scott told us, "those without the $$ or the interest deserve a spring weekend in the Nethermeade without a branded sh*tshow."
This year's Great GoogaMooga food and music festival will have more vendors and more space. Will the shitshow finally be tamed? Let's take a look around...
This year the Great GoogaMooga has 12 vegetarian options, and 48 meat options.
The first minié balls of discontent are whizzing over the lobster roll ramparts.
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