Goodbye to all that

If you're seriously contemplating leaving New York because of three months of quarantine, my guess is you weren't going to make it here for much longer...
The company announced the stunning news in a press release Thursday morning.
Wow, a new take on Joan Didion's 'Goodbye to All That' essay!
"We love our things, so when it dawned on us we'd have to part with them, we panicked."
"You have this great idea? No, you can't do it. You want to try this out? No."
There's always that one asshole who refuses to leave the party when he should. Fine, then, we'll humor this clown.
The essay has been optioned for a feature film.
Now someone make the opposite of this.
Beyonce and Jay Z are giving up NYC for Beverly Hills.
The year in Goodbye To All Thating.
"I was trying to get away from the hassle and the expense of the city."
Like a moth to a flame, we can't help but read every single essay a young woman writes about her departure from New York City.
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