Good samaritan

The owner was found, too!
The Good Samaritan actually seemed to care, according to a witness.
He says he tried to intervene when the dancers started harassing a Jewish man for not tipping them.
A brave good Samaritan leapt onto the L train tracks on Saturday to save a man who was lying on the trackbed.
Multiple good samaritans leapt onto the tracks to save a woman who fell onto the third rail.
The suspect got out of prison in 2014, having served 11 years for manslaughter.
The teen shoved the drunk man to safety under the lip of the train platform.
"The guy didn’t have a shirt on. His body looked sick," the video uploader said.
"It's the middle of November and she has no where to go, so the least I could do is give her a pair of shoes."
"My life hasn’t been in vain," the subway hero said.
A good Samaritan tried to save a woman who was being attacked on a subway platform this week—and he was subsequently shoved onto the subway tracks by the attacker.
Watch as a man confronts a bike thief on the Upper West Side on camera and shames him into putting a stolen wheel back.
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