Good news everybody

81 new Parks Enforcement Patrol officers still won't get the numbers anywhere close to what they were in the '90s.
Before the fare hike and $1 new MetroCard fees kick in on March 1 the MTA have made those gold plastic cards a touch easier to use.
Expect long lines.
Also Houston, Dallas, DC, Chicago, Buffalo, Philly, Cleveland, Atalntic City, Newark, Detroit and New Orleans!
U.S. District Judge Barbara Jones struck down a key part of DOMA yesterday, ruling that the Act's efforts to define marriage "intrude upon the states' business of regulating domestic relations."
Brooklyn is getting itself a massive new field house, and it won't cost the borough of Kings a penny.
After pressure from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, the Department of Education says it will stop serving the controversial meat product in the fall.
Wishes (and rumors) come true! As part of the 50th anniversary season of Shakespeare in the Park, the Public today announced that it is bringing the fairy tale classic Into The Woods to Central Park
Take that Leno! David Letterman is reportedly close to a deal with CBS that would keep him as the Late Show host to 2014—which would make him the longest-running late-night star in tv history.
Who needs another Shake Shack when Corner Bistro is coming to LIC!
After two years dark, construction has begun in the famed Rainbow Room. What exactly will go there when the work is done, however, remains unclear.
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