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After successfully fending off a heavy rape allegation, life is back to normal for Good Day New York co-host Greg Kelly, son of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Should the woman who filed a criminal complaint accusing Greg Kelly of rape herself be charged, now that the DA has declined to prosecute the Good Day New York host?

Unidentified NYPD sources say the woman accusing Commissioner Ray Kelly's son of rape has no case.

Sources are being even more clear-cut about those texts, which occurred before and after the alleged rape: “The texts were explicit. They were sexual. They talked about what they wanted to do to each other."

Authorities continue to investigate the allegations of rape against Greg Kelly. The Post reports that the rape accuser's brother is a crime-scene investigator for the NYPD who previously worked in the Internal Affairs Bureau.

Sources say "Good Day New York" host Greg Kelly has flirtatious text messages from his accuser that were sent after the alleged rape took place.

Greg Kelly, the co-host of Fox 5's "Good Day New York" and son of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, has been accused of rape by a woman he met on the street one night last October.

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Jodi Applegate and Ron Corning, co-hosts of Fox's Good Day New York,

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