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The boozy, 21-and-up venue features three mini-golf courses designed to evoke the "rolling countryside of England"

"It's like the city is actually paying Donald Trump to run a luxury golf course that caters to the rich."

It's hard not to like a guy who uses a pink driver and chooses his wardrobe to help raise money for children's charities.

Phil Mickelson finds himself in familiar territory—behind a Swedish blonde.

If it seemed like Tiger was whining the whole round, it's because he was.

The NY Post has a PSA for those with vaginas.

Looks like the city is going to let Donald Trump build himself a PGA-regulation golf course in the Bronx. Cool, right? Our billionaire mayor loves golf. But, wait, there is a catch.

Five great mini golf destinations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Governors Island!

A mysterious urban golfer hits the streets of Soho with a nine-iron and some milk cartons.

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