Golden globes

The Golden Globes were actually kind of boring.
The 69th Golden Globe nominees are in. But without Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, who will host Ricky Gervais rip into this time?
Sure Ricky Gervais got a fair amount of flap over how
Natalie Portman is the Golden girl of the moment, what with her
Gervais at last night's Golden Globes. On last night's Golden Globes
No rest for the weary, moments after the Jets de-feet of the
Well, you've been waiting for this, right? The Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Left: doctored image from the NYT; Right: orignal image. It's been
Left: the NY Times image; Right: the original image By yesterday
Actor Michael Stuhlbarg was nominated for a Golden Globe for his
Tonight's the night William H. Macy takes over the role in
The highlights of last night's Golden Globes ceremony were not Kate
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