Golden girls

His job entailed a bit more than unpacking memorabilia, according to the suit.
Betty White, may the Universe protect her, has her own small wall in the cafe, which features personal Polaroids and the full page memorial ad she took out when McClanahan died.
Rue La Rue Cafe is serving up breakfast and lunch right now, and they hope to debut dinner service soon.
The suit alleges that the show is too similar to another 'Golden Girls'-themed puppet show.
It's now on view at the DR2 Theatre in Union Square.
Owner Michael LaRue says there's still work to be done on the space, but the cheesecake awaits.
If you're wondering what became of the Golden Girls set once the show went off the air in 1992, here's your answer.
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On Saturday night, the Fourth Annual "We Love the Golden Girls" tribute
Beloved actress Bea Arthur has died of complications brought on by
Estelle Getty, born Estelle Scher on the Lower East Side of New
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