The goats have returned to swallow more coarse vegetation and scowl for your Instagrams.
A highly-specialized team of poison ivy-munching goats is coming to Riverside Park this summer.
Looks like he was late to work? Or running for his life from a slaughterhouse. Hump Day, amirite?
The goats are going to fix the park.
"This is real!" the bewildered and delighted man intones. "I guess I have a pet now."
In the spirit of our continual effort to bridge the gap between blogging and hard-hitting reporting, we reached out to the Parks Department with a series of tough questions about Goat Heads.
Yesterday five goats grazing in DUMBO were spotted being loaded into a Halal truck... where are they now?
The police nicknamed her "Sky."
The runaway goat who ran wild in Brooklyn this week has ended up in a good place: Wilfred the goat has been taken to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.
Considering the fact that the name "Gotham" derives from Old English for "homestead where goats are kept," we're just surprised we don't get more incidents like this.
The man known for bringing his pet goat into Manhattan is being held on $250,000 after allegedly sexually assaulting an "incapacitated" woman.
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