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The goats have returned to swallow more coarse vegetation and scowl for your Instagrams.

A highly-specialized team of poison ivy-munching goats is coming to Riverside Park this summer.

Looks like he was late to work? Or running for his life from a slaughterhouse. Hump Day, amirite?

"This is real!" the bewildered and delighted man intones. "I guess I have a pet now."

In the spirit of our continual effort to bridge the gap between blogging and hard-hitting reporting, we reached out to the Parks Department with a series of tough questions about Goat Heads.

Yesterday five goats grazing in DUMBO were spotted being loaded into a Halal truck... where are they now?

The runaway goat who ran wild in Brooklyn this week has ended up in a good place: Wilfred the goat has been taken to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.