Gluten free

Starting today at the Williamsburg Emmy Squared, Matt and Emily's Hyland's popular Detroit-style pies can be ordered gluten-free.
He's the consulting chef for recently-opende Tali and adjacent bakery Tali Dolci, both serving gluten-free Italian dishes and baked goods.
"We would laugh if it wasn't so sad."
At the heart of things is the veggie burger bar, which operates out of a to-go window on West 56th Street.
Have your pasta and eat it, too.
No, really, I was skeptical at first too!
It might even be enough to convert a self-proclaimed buttered noodle addict.
Meet the Chocolate Chip Shortbread, the world's most boring cookie.
Everyone from Domino's to Del Posto offering up gluten-free dishes, but guaranteeing a 100% gluten-free environment has proven to be very difficult.
Two Staten Island parishes have managed to cut some of the body out of the body of Christ, providing low-gluten hosts to parishioners who have trouble with the protein.
We've got your Gluten-Free Cronut recipe right here.
The Mario Batali-helmed eatery is now a friend to those with Celiac's.
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