Gloria allred

Allred talks about Cosby, the role of race in the case and what’s next for Cosby, R. Kelly, and Harvey Weinstein
The woman recalled the incident alongside her attorney Gloria Allred on Monday, offering photos of the visit.
De Blasio's former acting chief of staff faced accusations of sexual harassment prior to joining the mayor's inner circle.
The meeting was set for Monday afternoon.
In what high-profile attorney Gloria Allred is calling "a new low, even for Weinstein," yet another woman has come forward to say she was victimized by the disgraced media mogul.
The resignation comes just a day after Bloom said that Weinstein's actions towards women were 'gross,' but that he was sorry about it.
"He said, 'Hey, look at this one, we haven't seen her before, look at those legs': as though I was an object rather than a person."
"An apology is not enough."
The alleged attack left Rivers unable to pursue work as an actress because of her visible injuries.
Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred has come to the defense of Edwin Mieses, Jr., the dirt biker run over by a panicked SUV driver during what devolved into a violent motorcyclist-versus-motorist melee.
A source says, "The partying; the drinking and the drugs, it's her way of trying to cope with her mounting legal and career woes. It's like she's purposely self-destructing."
A former employee of lingerie wholesaler Native Intimates says she was terminated by her supervisors simply for being too busty and attractive.
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