The 24,000 square foot converted warehouse comes to Bushwick in November.
Elsewhere is a $3 million, 24,000 square-foot music venue and arts space opening in a converted Bushwick warehouse in the fall.
RIP Glasslands. RIP Williamsburg.
Williamsburg died when the first kid said, "Williamsburg's not dead."
2014 has been a terrible year for Williamsburg music venues.
They'll be moving into a 60,000 square foot building on South 2nd and Kent.
Some venues offer a little more bang for their buck than others, thanks in part to killer sound systems, vintage grandeur, sweet lineups and cheap beers. Here are our favorites.
It's been 10 years since singer/songwriter Elliott Smith died, and Glasslands is marking the occasion with a tribute show to him featuring Cat Power, DIIV, Sky Ferreira, and more.
Your gateway to a world of infinite sound, lights and liquor, the
Have you ever asked yourself, "Why can't cinema events be a little more like concerts?" A new film screening series based in Williamsburg certainly did.
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