The governor called the prevention of bird deaths a 'laudatory pursuit' but raised concerns about the potential costs of setting up a council to address the issue.
A baby's head was cut today when a window shattered in a downtown Brooklyn building, raining glass down on the street below.
This was not a glass ceiling anyone wanted shattered.
Three people were injured this morning after a window popped out of a midtown high rise, sending shards of glass raining down onto the street below.
An East Village restaurant has incurred the wrath of glassholes for the crime of asking someone to please put their Glass away inside the restaurant.
"Standing alone in the corner of a room staring at people while recording them through Glass is not going to win you any friends."
Last week, Jen Chung and I were invited to strap our eyeballs in and sample the goods at The Secret Society Of Google Glassaholics. We thought we'd share some initial impressions about Glass.
They may have broken their own headline formula with this long, clunky one: "Gospel singer suing McDonald's after she allegedly bit into piece of glass while eating chicken sandwich, which she claims ruined her voice."
Why is Apple so mean to old people?
Among the 73 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested yesterday was a man identified as a medic who was allegedly slammed against a glass window on East 10th Street by police. Watch video of it below.
Did La Lohan cut a B at the Boom Boom Room?
Apple is coming out with Cube 2.0 this November! Their Fifth Avenue store is currently getting a cube makeover, with 75 panes of glass being stripped away.
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