About a hundred protesters were waiting outside the swank hotel to let Trump know he was not welcome back to NYC.
The former Mayor of 9/11 Town will now head a new cyber security committee for Trump.
Watch Chris Matthews yell at poor, lost, muddled Giuliani about Trump and the birther movement.
But hey, at least he didn't mention 9/11.
One time, Ye Lorde Our God Of 9/11 called a the cops on a homeless person who took a dump outside his East Side apartment.
The board upheld a ban on keeping the pet passed by the Giuliani administration in 1999.
A public hearing to overturn the city's ferret ban has been scheduled for January 21st.
Apparently Mayor de Blasio's the REAL racist.
Black New Yorkers owe a debt of gratitude to former mayor Rudy Giuliani for saving their lives, says former mayor Giuliani.
The march is still planned for Saturday, August 23rd.
With the primaries over, the candidates each try to present themselves as the one who will bring "change."
"What if you can't afford to be a paying customer?"
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