Gisele bundchen

Last night Hollywood starlets and sports heroes descended on the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the museum's annual gala.
Gisele Bundchen was in NYC, people.
Brandon Jacobs put it this way: "She just needs to continue to be cute and shut up."
Butterfingers, cuisine of losers.
Gisele Bundchen, Boston's Enemy #1.
It's rough being beautiful and rich when your handsome and rich husband loses the Super Bowl.
“I feel Tommy really needs our prayer, our support and love at this time,” wrote Gisele Bundchen, imploring friends and family to pray for husband Tom Brady and the Patriots to defeat the Giants.
Much has been made of UGG Boots spokesman Tom Brady's absurd hairstyle—seriously,
Tom Brady sure loves New York, huh? Not only does he walk
How do you get Boston Red Sox fans in a tizzy? Well,
The Daily News reports that there's a new scholarship program to help
If you see a really hot, tall girl in a chauffeur's uniform
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