Girl walk all day

But everyone seems pretty HAPPY about it.
A nun was inspired by the Girl Walk // All Day project, and made her own dancing video.
You've seen the film, now learn to dance!
Here it is, the final chapter of Girl Walk // All Day! You can also now watch the full film all at once.
Girl Walk // All Day is almost over... but not before all of New York joins in on the dance party.
Footloose Nation! In today's chapter, the girl gets kicked out of Yankee Stadium for dancing.
In what may or may not be a reference to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the Girl Walk troupe joins a parade.
In this latest chapter, the Girl Walk gal goes to Zuccotti Park after a makeover and shopping spree. Guess how that goes?
Here's your exclusive premiere of Girl Walk // All Day chapter 7... featuring some L train pole dancing!
Get ready for some dancing on the streets and in the cemetery.
Here it is: the latest Girl Walk // All Day chapter premiere. This is probably the only place that Tai Chi will be done to the sounds of Lil Kim...
Dancing on the High Line! Dancing on the Bull!: It's the exclusive premiere of Chapter 4 from the Girl Walk // All Day movie...
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