Gilgo beach

DNA techniques have led authorities to positively ID the woman whose remains were first found 20 years ago.
The disappearance of Shannan Gilbert led police to a mass grave.
A missing Queens woman's car was found near the serial killer(s) dumping ground.
Almost two years after the first set of dead sex workers were discovered on Long Island an interesting lead has turned up in the form of a 60-year-old ex-con being investigated regarding two 19-year-old murders.
Nearly two years after the first remains were discovered, the Gilgo Beach/Long Island serial killer is still at large. But today the sad story is back in the news.
Another set of human remains were found in Manorville, LI—the fourth set found in the same general area since 2000. Two of the previous remains have been linked to the Gilgo Beach killer.
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Police and witnesses claim that Gilbert was last seen "behaving irrationally" and running from the home of a client.
At first people thought one killer was dumping bodies by Gilgo Beach, then two or more killers, then one again. And yet? Still no arrests.
As investigators work to identify another body on Long Island, the New York City Council tries to crack down on the men who drive sex workers around.
A year after the first of ten bodies were found on Gilgo Beach in Long Island, police say they have found the remains of a woman they believe to be missing sex worker Shannan Gilbert.
Though police still haven't found Shannan Gilbert, the Jersey City prostitue whose disappearance in May 2010 led to the discovery of a serial killer's dumping ground, they have finally made some progress in her case.
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