Ghost bike

Tomorrow, friends and loved ones of cyclists and pedestrians killed by automobiles will gather for the 10th Annual Ghost Bike Memorial Ride.
A tipster spotted this "for sale" post (see below) on Craigslist, from someone claiming to have removed over two dozen white bikes that were locked up around town.
As previously mentioned, the 6th annual Memorial Ride and Walk took place
via BklynBiker The Sixth Annual Memorial Bike Ride took place today
1987porsche944's flickr The Sixth Annual Memorial Bike Ride, taking participants across
The BQE near Atlantic Avenue We received reports this morning that
A Ghost Bike on 100th Street and West End Avenue memorializing
The Ghost Bike memorial for Dr. Carl Henry Nacht Silversalty's Flickr
laverrue's Flickr Ghost bikes, those white bike memorials dedicated to killed
Meg Charlop Last month 57-year-old Megan Charlop, an avid cyclist and
Laverrue's Flickr The Bronx will be getting another ghost bike: This
Noneck's Flickr On Tuesday Miss Heather at New York Shitty noticed
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