“There is a very big potential that this commission can turn around a very partisan product."
This is the state’s first bipartisan effort to draw new political lines, a result of a 2014 constitutional amendment that aims to depoliticize the process.
The U.S. Supreme Court issued two long-awaited rulings on Thursday, voting to uphold partisan gerrymandering, while blocking the Trump administration’s efforts to include a citizenship question on the census.
"Gerrymandering has become a very precise science, and interestingly, it's one of the few remaining types of science in which the Republican party currently believes."
Today you'll have the option to vote on three ballot measures, and it's the only thing that is more important than choosing your lunch.
Governor Cuomo: take a break to enjoy one of your girlfriend's delicious cocktails then get back to work.
New York State's "Legislative Task Force On Demographic Research And Reappointment" unveiled its proposed maps for redrawn State Senate and Assembly districts this week, and people are pissed.
One lawmaker reacted to the maps by saying, "Holy crap they drew the Astoria Senate district into something that looks like a baby alien popping out of a stomach!!"
With news that the state could be losing two House seats
From Gotham Gazette's Poli Tetris A group headed by former mayor
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