Georgina bloomberg

In Bloomberg's New York, we are all his grandchildren, though now he has a real one.
This week, Georgina Bloomberg, the Mayor's 29-year-old daughter, bumped into NY Mag at a cocktail party and told them she wasn't a huge fan of her dad's newest venture.
"People forget that I was 18 when I said that! That was 11 years ago."
Di Bartolo told police that he didn't care about the warnings because he and Georgina "were going to be married."
It's been a month filled with accidents and changes for Mayor
Mayor Bloomberg's equestrian-loving daughter Georgina really appreciates how much interest and
Though Mayor Bloomberg assured a city on edge that his daughter
Mayor Bloomberg reports his daughter is doing fine after her fall during
Georgina Bloomberg, the horse-riding daughter of Mayor Bloomberg, was seriously hurt
Photographs of, at left, Bloomberg and his daughters celebrating his birthday
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