George zimmerman

Alas, no one will be micturated upon in a boxing ring anytime soon: the promoter who organized the George Zimmerman/DMX fight has canceled the event due to a sudden bout of common sense.
DMX: "I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him up right."
"I felt like I let a lot of people down, and I'm thinking to myself, 'Did I go the right way? Did I go the wrong way?'"
A Far Rockaway man was arrested last week for making a Facebook status update with the hashtag "killallwhites," which the NYPD interpreted as "making a terroristic threat," a felony.
"Today it was my son. Tomorrow it might be yours."
Sharpton and others are urging for a federal investigation into civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.
"And I think both were responsible for the situation they had gotten themselves into."
A football player said a regrettable thing on the Internet and has now apologized.
Crowds protesting George Zimmerman's acquittal are irking tourists just trying to take in Midtown's safer charms, like Violent Cookie Monster.
While the day's events were largely peaceful, police and demonstrators clashed on the Upper East Side, as cops deployed pepper spray and at least one bottle was thrown in the ensuing chaos.
Multiple peaceful rallies are scheduled to happen around NYC today.
His lawyer insisted, "If George Zimmerman was black, he never would have been charged with a crime."
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