George washington bridge

Bridget Kelly says she didn’t know the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge was a plot to get back at Chris Christie’s political opponent.
Looking to adopt a brave little kitten? Here’s one with an inspiring origin story.
The single mother of four who faces 15 months in prison discussed, among other things, the toxic masculinity that led to the scandal.
This morning, the bridge was consumed by Spirit.
It's believed an SUV carrying three adults and two children "slammed" into a box truck.
Chris Christie has claimed he had no knowledge of this shutdown.
Video released by the NYPD this afternoon shows this morning's successful attempt to stop a man from killing himself.
Ravi's previous conviction had been overturned by an appellate court.
"We are a Grassroots Autonomous Movement campaigning for the right of every member of our communities to be visible."
The woman suffered a broken leg.
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