George washington

A new digital tour takes drivers to Revolutionary War sites around New Jersey.
As part of our month long Dear NYC series, we're looking at New York City gems hidden away at the New York Public Library.
Half of Washington's dentures are our neighbors, having taken up residence in the library at East Harlem's New York Academy of Medicine.
Washington dined alone after he was inaugurated, but here's what was served at his 1st anniversary dinner at Delmonico's... 101 years later.
George Washington plays dress up this weekend.
The Parks Department doesn't want you dressing up the George Washington statue like a tourist, even if it's in the name of art.
There's only one thing left to do after leading the American victory over Britain in the Revolutionary War... pour yourself a glass of beer.
Today is President's Day, the federal holiday celebrating the birthdays of
The New York Society Library, which was owed $300,000 in overdue
Beloved forefather George Washington was nothing but a criminal, and stole
It may be The Battle of Long Island to England and
Photo by Wally G. Looks like typo fever has taken hold
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