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A former batboy is dishing on life behind-the-scenes at Yankee Stadium, including Derek Jeter's easy going nature, A-Rod's insecurity and high-maintenance, Hideki Matsui's inadvertent catchphrases, and Joe Torre's obsession with horses. Read some highlights below:

Former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu has been found dead at his home near Los Angeles. The Yankees confirmed the death this afternoon. Police are investigating whether it was a suicide by hanging. He was 42.

They've got 99 problems but a ticket ain't one: "It was very easy for a big name to walk away from a summons. [Celebrities] have contacts everywhere," one police source said.

We knew George Steinbrenner was a character, but who knew he was an FBI informant too?

"Why did you trade Jay Buhner?" Considering how much time he

It was probably not one of the best years for sports in

Not this year. The passing of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner this

According to reports, the Yankees and longtime closer Mariano Rivera have

Thinking of deceased Yankees czar George Steinbrenner conjures up images of

Via soozenyc On Monday night, a plaque in honor of longtime