George soros

A $20 million gift from the Open Society Foundations to New York City took a while to set up and is now expected to be given out in full by the end of July
A donation from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations is taking longer to reach needy immigrants than some might have expected.
An explosive device was reportedly recovered at the Westchester County home of George Soros.
John Sitaras runs the no-nonsense Sitaras Fitness on East 58th Street, and his clients include the former chairman of the Fed, Paul Volcker, the former head of GE Jack Welch, and billionaire George Soros.
Not everyone is like Al Gore, writing impassioned blog posts on the behalf of Occupy Wall Street: Karl Rove, the Tea Party, NYPD spokesmen, certain Reuters journalists, and even some 99%ers.
More about dating an 81-year-old billionaire who gives your dream apartment to his "other girlfriend" and then suing him for $50 million.
If your 80-year-old billionaire activist investor boyfriend promises you a Manhattan apartment but ends up giving it to another woman—and tells you this over pillow talk—you should sue him, right?
Mayor Bloomberg and George Soros have each pledged $30 million towards a new $125 million program to help the city's black and Hispanic youth overcome racial disparities.
Hillary Clinton, the junior Senator from New York, make the cover
There is nothing funnier - or crazier - than a bunch
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