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The photographs were released, thanks to a FOIA request from a FRONTLINE producer.

In related news, George W. Bush's spokesman confirmed that the former president slept like a child from 2000 to 2008.

“You have to look them right in the eye, no matter how much they try to vilify you for it, and you have to say no."

Moral: if you don't ask someone for their permission to film them, be prepared to become part of the show.

It's unclear how much of that money went towards surveillance "because the program has little oversight."

Given the elusiveness of "victory" in the war, the country's enduring turmoil, and the current war in Afghanistan, should there be a parade for the veterans of the Iraq War?

All but approximately 160 soldiers that are attached to the US Embassy will be removed.

Straw polls! Drop outs! Texas! Corn dogs! The Republican presidential race is beginning to heat up.

It's almost time for the Presidential torch to be passed, and,

Who knew that Laura Bush and daughter Jenna Bush's children's book tour