Gem spa

While the machine spent years sitting outside Gem Spa, offering up a "wealth of wisdom" to people idly walking by, it's now located outside of a pizza shop on Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick.
Gem Spa is auctioning off some of the most beloved objects from its store, from the egg cream fountain pumps to the iconic storefront signs.
In addition to the sign, they will be "selling off the egg cream fountain pumps, the awning and the gates [painted] by Paul Kostabi."
The owners sent out an email today: "Gem Spa has poured its last legendary egg cream."
It’s been a turbulent year at the corner of Second Avenue and St. Marks Place.
On Saturday, #SaveNYC is hosting a cash mob to help save the St. Marks mainstay.
They've cut their hours, put an 'everything must go' sign outside, and lost their tobacco license. But owners of Gem Spa say they are not closing.
'It's not as eccentric as the '80s, but if you want to see a true representation of what culture looks like, come late at night.'
In a rapidly changing East Village, GEM Spa isn't going anywhere.
7-Eleven has been successfully drenching the city in Cherry Coke Slurpee syrup one once-alt block at a time, and it looks like independent bodega owners are starting to take notice.
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