Ever notice that small dark patch on the iconic ceiling in Grand Central Terminal?
Already home to several new celebrity chef and restaurateur businesses, the MTA plans to change more than a dozen retail spaces within the Terminal in the near future.
Head over for smørrebrød, traditional open-faced sandwiches, plus Nordic pastries, coffee drinks and a bar.
But are they worth the price?
And the perfect spot to grab an incognito cocktail in a Pepsi cup for the commute home.
The space was an office, a closet, and a prison before it opened as a bar.
Welcome to M-42, the hidden sub-basement that Hitler targeted in the 1940s.
Secrets and truths about Grand Central Terminal.
A look back at the Grand Central Theatre, which opened off the main concourse in 1937.
The photos were taken right before Buddy Holly died in a plane crash.
Plus a train made of cheese!
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