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Manning is angry at Obama for releasing "homo demons" upon the black community in order to steer them away from black women...because Obama has a very complicated, very evil plan to destroy the black community.

"Did Koch do enough for AIDS? No. Did anyone do enough? No. Are we doing enough now? No."

Williamsburg hotspot Metropolitan's vine-tangled patio, scattered with picnic tables and lawn chairs, draws throngs of tank-top-wearing, chain-smoking, $2-PBR-swilling gays from across the city seven nights a week—and the neighbors have had enough.

XL, the zombie nightclub in upcoming Hell's Kitchen gay resort The Out NYC, opens its doors tonight.

According to a new list, when it comes to lady lovers, New York City is second in the nation.

Oh noes yous gays, Grindr has been hacked! Who would have thought that a casual hookup app might not be completely secure?

No doubt about it, the gays just think New York City is fabulous. Lesbians do too, but not necessarily for the same reasons!

Because gay people get old and want to complain about how nobody visits them too!

The Community Board that covers Hell's Kitchen voted against recommending a liquor license for a gay bar that would be near two schools.

Only nine months after the President repealed the out-dated rule, the U.S. Army is the first branch of the military to formally end the practice.